Healthy Snacking? Let’s Talk About It

Do you ever have cravings for something sweet or savory but it’s not quite dinner time yet? Let me tell you now, it’s A-ok! It’s encouraged to tend to those cravings just as long as you choose healthier options or snack in moderation. Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room… I feel like people haveContinue reading “Healthy Snacking? Let’s Talk About It”

Boost Your Confidence With This Hype Gym Playlist!

If you’re like me and absolutely refuse to work out without music, boy do I have the playlist for you! It consists of songs that will hype you up and keep you motivated! From Daddy Yankee to Megan Thee Stallion, these songs will make you feel as though you’re the only one in the gym!Continue reading “Boost Your Confidence With This Hype Gym Playlist!”

4 Ways to Stay Motivated After Falling Off Your Routine

This post is perfect timing! Lately I’ve been getting a little lazy on my ‘Healthy Living’ daily routine. And honestly, I’m not too discouraged because I’m currently enjoying myself. Every now and then, It’s good to take a break to prevent yourself from going crazy. HOWEVER! This break must come to an end. And soon!Continue reading “4 Ways to Stay Motivated After Falling Off Your Routine”

3 Ways to Stay Active While You Quarantine

It seems that social distancing and wearing face masks are going to be the norm for a while. However, this should not stop us from grinding our way to the top. We should be taking this opportunity to become better versions of ourselves. A great way to cope with these stressful times is to stayContinue reading “3 Ways to Stay Active While You Quarantine”

Healthy Quarantine Grocery List

The world is really testing me by putting me through a health pandemic while I attempt to lose weight and live healthy. Rest assured, it’s going to take more than that to stop me! According to, stress during an infectious disease outbreak can cause changes in eating patterns. The site mentions that the bestContinue reading “Healthy Quarantine Grocery List”