4 Ways to Stay Motivated After Falling Off Your Routine

This post is perfect timing! Lately I’ve been getting a little lazy on my ‘Healthy Living’ daily routine. And honestly, I’m not too discouraged because I’m currently enjoying myself. Every now and then, It’s good to take a break to prevent yourself from going crazy.

HOWEVER! This break must come to an end. And soon!

These are ways that I stay motivated after sitting on the couch and binge watching How To Get Away With Murder for 3 days straight.

1. Remember Your Goal

When you haven’t been keeping up with your ‘healthy living’ routine but you want to get back into it, reflect on what made you want to live a healthier life in the first place.

For me, I have gained unwanted weight over the past year. My goal is to lose that weight, maintain it and eventually become a personal trainer by doing what I love… Working out!

Remember the goal that’s most unique to you and start from there.

2. Get Inspired

If your goal isn’t inspiring enough to get you off the couch, (and that’s ok), you may need a little push.

I get inspired by looking at others. Instead of comparing myself to them, I admire their hard work and it encourages me to work even harder for what I want to achieve. Even if their achievements have nothing to do with your goal, their genuine dedication is enough to lift your spirits.

I like to scroll through Instagram or Pintrest under the ‘Fitness’ tab to check out new workouts and meal prep ideas that I can challenge myself to attempt.

3. Take Notes On Your Day

If you don’t already have a journal or utilize the notes app on your iPhone… YOU SHOULD! This is a good way to reflect on your day which will then encourage you to improve on something you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Currently, I have a note on my phone titled “Ebony’s 2020 Plan’. It consists of everything I want to achieve this year and how I am going to achieve each goal. The Notes app has a feature that allows me to check off things that I have accomplished.

You can also keep track of your daily diet and exercise with a simple app.

I personally use the Lifesum app to track my food and water intake, and exercise. This app counts my daily calories, let’s me know which foods are good or bad for me and leaves motivational messages to keep my day going. This inspires me to be consistent in achieving my goal.

4. Find a Buddy

Whether it be working out or studying for an exam, find someone who is in the same boat as you. To be truthful, you’re probably not in this alone. There is probably someone out there that also needs a daily dose of motivation.

Surrounding yourself with people that have the same ambitions as you is always a plus. I started going to the gym with one of my coworkers. Turns out, another thing we had in common besides working for the same company was the desire to lose weight and feel good. As a result, we got serious and created a workout schedule that fit around work and class. We’re constantly encouraging each other to go above and beyond for what we want.

Get Started!

You fell off your routine… So what!

Take your goal and run with it! Get inspired and seek help along the way if you need it. Start now!!!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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