3 Ways to Stay Active While You Quarantine

It seems that social distancing and wearing face masks are going to be the norm for a while. However, this should not stop us from grinding our way to the top. We should be taking this opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

A great way to cope with these stressful times is to stay on top of our fitness. It is encouraged to take care of your body by exercising regularly. Below is a list of ways I have been staying active during quarantine.

1. Go For a Run

I know going for a run isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however, it can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Amongst all the health benefits, running can strengthen muscle, enhance cardiovascular fitness as well as help you maintain a healthy weight.

I personally like to go for a run as soon as I wake up to get the day started. Running isn’t my favorite exercise to do however, I end up feeling amazing once I’m done! Going with a friend or family member is a great source of motivation.

2. Work Out At Home

The gyms are slowly opening back up but you should not feel pressured to go if you don’t feel that it is safe. Simply make some room in your living room and get to work!

Here’s a simple full body workout that can be done anywhere:

15 reps, 3 sets

  1. Lunges (each leg)
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. Jumping Squats
  4. Squat w/ Leg Abduction (resistance band is optional)
  5. Push Ups
  6. Bicycle Crunches

I have also been following a youtuber by the name of Chloe Ting who has been releasing amazing fitness content during quarantine. I challenge you to try out her fat shredding work outs.

I am currently working on her ‘Get Abs In 2 Weeks’ challenge. Check it out!

3. Go For a Walk

One thing I’ve come to enjoy as a result of quarantine is going on walks with my family. Not only has it made us closer, it is a good way to increase our cardiovascular fitness. Whether it be everyone in your household, your dog or just you alone, 30 minutes a day will do the job!

I hope this list of ways to stay active during quarantine will encourage you to continue or start living a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and healthy!

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One thought on “3 Ways to Stay Active While You Quarantine

  1. LOL I’ve been following Chloe Tings videos during quarantine too! It’s amazing how many people subscribed during this time


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