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Freshman 15?!? Umm… I Don’t Think So!

Yes, my motivation to kick off my health and wellness journey was to avoid gaining the “freshman 15”. Fortunately for me, it worked. From my freshman year of college up until the summer of my sophomore year, I lived in the gym while avoiding the dessert bar at the dinning hall. Through this journey, I fell in love with fitness!

Take a look…


Bad Choices

As I make my way to my senior year in college, I can now reflect on the bad habits that have put a damper on my health and wellness journey. Let’s just say, I went a little overboard on Doordash and the Dominos app.

Ordering out really caught up to me. I went from ordering food once or twice a week to the delivery man knocking on my door just about every day of the week. I had not realized how much weight I had gained until I looked into the mirror…


As you can see, those grey and black leggings have been through it ALL with me.

Time For a Change

I sit here on my laptop with a few extra pounds and a smile on my face because I am excited to start my new journey and share my story. One day I plan on being a personal trainer and eventually having my own health and wellness center. This future goal of mine is what is going to fuel my motivation. I am hoping to fall back in love with fitness all over again!

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